Public calls for more tolerance after bullied gay teen in East China tries to kill self

By Xu Keyue Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/16 23:08:40

Chinese netizens called for greater tolerance and fairness toward homosexuals after a teenage boy who admitted being gay attempted to take his own life after allegedly being beaten at home and in school. 

The 15-year-old boy in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province returned home on Wednesday after allegedlly attempting suicide and running away.  

The boy posted a "suicide note" on Weibo and ran away from home on Tuesday. 

In the note, he claimed that he was a homosexual. 

He accused his teacher Chen Feng and father of beating him with sticks and fists for a long time, which caused him to be autistic and paranoid. 

"I understand that perhaps living is a better choice. I could have a promising future and witness the world to become open and tolerant, but I cannot wait that long, I've had enough of it," read his post.

The boy's suicide note was deleted on Wednesday, but the incident has attracted wide attention. The topic with the hashtag "boy ran away after leaving suicide note" has been viewed over 110 million times, with many netizens saying they would like to help the boy and called on society be to more tolerant to LGBT people.

The Qingdao government said on its Weibo account on Wednesday that it showed the gay people's helplessness and sadness.  

"The world should be fair and free… We appeal to people around us to pass along fairness and kindness," the post said. 

The boy's teacher Chen denied beating the boy, and claimed that the boy lied. 

The boy's case also gained the attention of LGBT groups, as volunteers from the Tongzhi Zhisheng (Voice of LGBT) contacted the boy and believe that he could be gay based on their past experience. 

A managing editor of the magazine of the group, who identified himself as Hiro Hua, told the Global Times that they would continue to offer psychological and legal help to the boy. 

"Cases involving LGBT people trying to kill themselves have declined in recent years due to a more tolerant social environment," said Hiro Hua. 

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