Science week boosts public confidence to win trade war

By Xu Keyue Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/24 18:19:52

Middle school students in Beijing observe lunar probe models in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution in Beijing. Photo: Xu Keyue/GT

The ongoing National Science and Technology Week in Beijing reflects public passion for technology and China's preparedness to face the US in advanced technology in the trade war. 

The event showcases technological innovations in various fields.

Visitors to the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution reached by the Global Times on Friday said they feel confident that China will win the trade war especially after seeing the advanced technology achievements at the event.

With 280 exhibits, the museum is the main venue in Beijing. More than 300 million visitors are expected at 21,000 events nationwide during the National Science and Technology Week, scheduled from May 19 to 26, according to a statement provided by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission to the Global Times.  

Aiming to "make China strong by developing science, benefit people by popularizing science," the week has been warmly welcomed by the public, the commission said. 

A model of the deep water oil and gas development and operation fleet and the 600,000-kilowatt high temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant attracted dozens of students, families and senior citizens, the Global Times reporter noticed at the museum. 

"How can deep water oil and gas be explored? How does the Chang'e-4 probe of the Chinese lunar exploration mission work? How is farming waste recycled? How was the first photo of the black hole taken? How do robots help people at construction sites? ……All these questions can be found at the event," Pan Yueyan, a volunteer at the event and a biology major at Beijing Forestry University, told the Global Times. 

A scale model of a double-deck high-speed train attracts visitors during technology popularization week in Beijing. Photo: Xu Keyue/GT

Technology can also bring happiness and convenience to people, said another volunteer surnamed Yao, while showcasing the oxygen cabin, advanced multifunctional nursing chair and intelligent walking machine designed for the disabled or the elderly. 

"I feel really proud of my country. The exhibit makes technology more intuitive for us and I really learned a lot," a middle school student surnamed Li from the Beijing Bayi School told the Global Times, which was echoed by fellow students around.


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