Public opinion unity helps weather trade war

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/27 19:52:25

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A post titled "a few thoughts on trade war" was circulating online last week.

The article accuses Chinese society of using "war mentality" to analyze the "lawful behavior of the US" against China.

The article makes a ridiculous description of US imposing massive tariffs on Chinese products and cutting off supply to Huawei and other companies, claiming it is like someone giving you flowers every day; however you cannot blame the person if he or she stops doing so one day.?

China's 1.4 billion population is so big that it is not surprising to have such a bizarre voice. It probably doesn't matter who the writer is.

Since the US started a tariff war against China, some people on the internet have helped promote voices of extremist forces in the US. The post's call for reflection and unconditional concessions from the Chinese side is not surprising. 

This can also be caused by the specific interests of individuals or small groups different from those of mainstream society. Their attitude can be explained from the perspective of social pluralism.

China in the 21st century can only accept diversity as the fact of public opinion when our society meets major challenges. But that doesn't mean ideological surrender. We need to work on going beyond it at the same time, and achieve essential and strong national unity.

We hope that under the guidance of the government and mainstream public opinion, Chinese society is able to form the following major consensus on the current situation.

First, the US is launching a comprehensive strategic campaign to pressure China. China needs to gain its right to negotiate equally with the US through resolute resistance. Panic and unconditional concessions will fuel the arrogance of the US and cause even more serious long-term strategic damage to China.

Second, the "capitulator" faction will appear whenever China is faced with severe coercion from outside. They are undoubtedly putting the interests of individuals and small groups first. Chinese history will surely judge and condemn their behavior based on the interests of the Chinese nation.

Third, we should try to focus on the struggle of public opinion in the external direction. We should not compare ourselves to American society on this issue. The division of public opinion is inevitably caused by the trade war initiated by the US. Greater unity of Chinese society is our strength, not our weakness.

Fourth, China's opening to the outside world today is the largest. The pattern of people's interests is the most diverse since the new China was founded. The political resources of social solidarity are also the most abundant among the countries in the world today. All this will provide China with a greater ability to deal with the US.

Fifth, this is the first time in a long time that Chinese society has met a major external challenge. With the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, and the unity of mainstream groups in various fields, few people with ulterior motives will eventually recognize themselves as isolated and marginal.

The author is a commentator of the Global Times.

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