Smart ways to get your kids to swallow their meds

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/28 17:33:41

The mom hides medicines in a hollowed watermelon. Photo: Screenshot of Knews/

It's tough being a parent of a sickly child and finding ways to get your infant to take yukky tasting  medicine, but a mother in Central China has come up with a number of creative diversions to get her son to take his medication.

A video posted by Knews, shows the creative mom, who lives in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, hiding a bowl of medicinal tonic in a hollowed out watermelon.  The top of the watermelon is replaced, and a straw is inserted into the hidden bowl. 

She has also hollowed out a plastic container of yogurt and hidden the medicine bottle inside, tricking her son into thinking he is gulping down something tasty.

The mom is also seen in the video, tapping a juice box close to the end of a meter-long straw that extends into a bowl of medicine on the coffee table but is hidden from the child's view. The video doesn't explain how the child has the sucking power to take in the medicine from such a long straw.

Some netizens say they had tried the mom's ideas, but their children spit out medicines as soon as they discovered the bad taste.

"I tried feeding my eight-month-old child medicine with this method, but he spat it out when he found something wrong," a Net user wrote.

Other Net users complimented the mom. "It's difficult being a mom. She is smart and has done very well," one netizen commented.


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