Ideological debate in Chinese society should stay away from Huawei

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/28 20:58:40

Since Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei took an interview with Chinese media last week, his remarks have been widely spread and triggered heated discussion. There are two key points in his lengthy and comprehensive conversation with Chinese media - first, China's future depends on opening-up, populism is detrimental. Second, it is important to have independent research and development. 

Ren's words showed the broad mind of an international entrepreneur as well as extraordinary rationality while his company is confronting a global economic and political storm. His world view is a prevailing belief in China, sticking to reform and opening-up. After what Huawei has been through, such a view on the world seems more sincere, firm and convincing. 

Most Chinese netizens expressed their admiration and support for him. But some focused on the implication of his remarks and their opinions on Chinese strategies in the trade war with the US. But those comments have almost nothing to do with Ren's talk. 

Led by Ren, Huawei has gone as far as it could under the current conditions in China. The company has made fruitful explorations of the resources and potential of reform and opening-up. It has achieved success. At the same time, it is going through the bitter cold for climbing to a high spot. Ren's understanding of patriotism is closely intertwined with Huawei's experiences and achievements.

Ren pointed out some problems in scientific research. Huawei's team is a proactive practitioner in overcoming them. 

The discussions of Ren's words were generally positive. More people are confident that Huawei will surpass the US blockade and people view the trade war more rationally. China should never retreat or close the door due to US suppression. It should respond to the challenges with a broader mind and more pragmatic strategies. Ren's words obviously help strengthen such faith.

A few Chinese people are upset due to the problems brought by the trade war. Fewer have been trying to prove that China's wrongdoing leads to US crackdowns. They advocated all-round concessions by China. These people also tried to take advantage of Ren's interview, but their claims were totally opposite to Huawei's philosophy and spirit. 

Twisting and cropping others' words to serve their own purposes are tactics of the struggle. Ren's words will probably be intentionally used for that kind of scheme again and again. 

Rational patriotism is undoubtedly a positive resource for China and any other big country. However, there are two opposite trends in China that we believe are wrong. One makes patriotism into extreme nationalism and the other uses so-called universal values to dissolve and mock patriotism. Both are very harmful to Huawei and won't be welcomed by Ren and his team.

To survive in an extremely complicated international environment, Huawei needs wisdom and perseverance. Chinese society should respect and understand Huawei, back the company in a way it needs rather than letting it bear too much moral responsibility it cannot undertake as a commercial company. The ideological debate in Chinese society should stay away from Huawei.

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