Student's firefighter challenge costs dormmates

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/30 16:58:40

Piles of electrical appliances Photo: Screenshot of Sina Weibo

Fire inspectors confiscated more than 1,000 electrical appliances from a university dorm in Southwest China's Guizhou Province while they were investigating a student's Weibo post that challenged the fire department to find his high-powered appliance. 

Guizhou Normal University forbids students from using electric kettles, hairdryers and other appliances that consume 1,500 watts or more.

The student posted his challenge on May 25. Firefighters arrived at the building within 45 minutes and scooped a large pile of forbidden appliances. 

"I don't know if the student's appliance is among the thousands we found, but we should thank him for his contribution to the safety of the dormitory," local firefighters wrote on their official Weibo account. 

They also posted photos of the large stack of hotplates, air filters and hundreds of extension cords.  

Guizhou Normal University thanked the firefighters and promised to pay more diligence in checking for banned appliances. 

Netizens wondered how the firefighter discovered the student's Weibo post so quickly. 

"They may search key words like 'delicious food in dormitory' on Weibo every day. Those who have appliances that haven't been discovered better be careful," one netizen wrote in jest. 

Many students use cookers in dorm rooms, which are usually high power. 

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