Sri Lanka demonstrates Southeast Asia's fastest mobile speeds through 5G

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/6/7 19:18:52

One of Sri Lanka's leading private telecommunication provider has showcased download speeds in excess of 1.4 gigabit per second using a commercial 5G mobile handset, the highest speed that has been achieved through a mobile handset in Southeast Asia, local media reported Friday.

In a statement, Dialog Axiata said it had demonstrated 5G services on the 3.6 gigahertz trial spectrum that the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) had allocated for the 5G pre-commercial trial.

Dialog Axiata had demonstrated a fully standards based 5G mobile service for the first time in Southeast Asia in March 2019, and the first standards based 5G fixed-wireless transmission in December 2018.

Dialog Axiata presently covers more than 90 percent of the Sri Lankan population with 4G broadband.

To date, Dialog Axiata has upgraded over 20 percent of its expansive base station network to a "5G Ready Status" by deploying Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology.

The same infrastructure will transmit 5G speeds upon the licensing of commercial 5G spectrum in Sri Lanka, enabling the delivery of nationwide 5G coverage.

5G connectivity offers ultra-low latency, which will enable major breakthroughs in areas such as robotics, remote surgery, autonomous transport and next generation entertainment.


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