Italian writer Massimiliano Virgilio releases three books in Chinese

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/13 17:03:40

Italian writer Massimiliano Virgilio (center) attends a seminar on Chinese and Italian literature Photo: Xu Liuliu/GT

Chinese versions of three of Italian writer Massimiliano Virgilio's bestselling books have hit China for the very first time. The works L' Americano, Piu Male Che Altro and Arredo Casa E PoI M' Impicco take the writer's hometown in Naples as their theme. 

The writer, who is visiting China for the very first time, said at the launch ceremony for the books on Wednesday that his hometown inspires him to write. There is an active volcano in his city, the latest eruption of which happened in 1945. For him, the volcano not only represents death, but also life and hope. L' Amerciano, one of the most well-known books, tells a story about drug trafficking, mafias and immigration in the US. 

In addition to the launch ceremony, the publisher Best Time also held a seminar discussing Chinese and Italian literature attended by the Italian author and his Chinese counterparts, Lu Nei and Yu Zhongxian.

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