Tempo vows to support HK stability after netizens threaten to boycott the brand

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/14 21:01:39

German tissue maker Tempo vowed to support the stability of Hong Kong and uphold China's "one country, two systems" after Chinese netizens threatened to boycott the brand over the company's reported ambiguity regarding its marketing strategy on Hong Kong television channel TVB.

In a statement made public on Saturday, the company reaffirmed it would stand together with all walks of people in Hong Kong and try to maintain the prosperity, stability, and harmony of Hong Kong.

Tempo Hong Kong also stated that it will continue commercial advertising cooperation with Hong Kong-based television channels including TVB according to the company's set marketing strategy.

The announcement was posted on Tempo's Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like platform, and its Facebook account.

Tempo's response came after a good number of Chinese netizens vowed to boycott the popular tissue brand after news surfaced that the company is allegedly stopping advertising cooperation with TVB, which have supported Hong Kong police in its commentary, and fiercely criticized the violent protestors storming and vandalizing Hong Kong's Legislative Council.

Tempo's response came after a few companies including Japanese firms Yoshinoya and Pocari Sweat came under fire recently on Chinese mainland's social media after they released messages on social networks that submit to the violent protest in Hong Kong. 

Following the statement, Tempo has won broad support on social media in China.

 "Posting a clarifying notice on Facebook and Sina Weibo shows a firm attitude. Can other brands show similar sincerity?" said a Weibo user.

"I like the clear-cut, supportive attitude (toward TVB) displayed by Tempo. I will continue buying its products," said another Weibo user. 

"I will ask my friends and relatives to buy more Tempo tissues. We need to display our Chinese customers' purchasing power. The violent protestors have no place in Hong Kong," said a netizen.

Attempts to create chaos in Hong Kong and disrupt Hong Kong's prosperity and stability are resolutely opposed by people both in the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong, Geng Shuang, a spokesperson for China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

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