True story behind 'HK police pointing guns at protesters'

By Wang Cong and Chen Qingqing in Hong Kong Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/31 13:13:45

Truth behind HK violent protesters' camera about 'police pointing guns' at people

A video obtained by the Global Times shows several officers surrounded by a group of protesters inside a garage near Kwai Chung police station on Tuesday night .

The protesters pointed laser lights at officers on Tuesday night.

Anti-government protesters in Hong Kong have rushed to publicize photos and have seemingly edited videos of an officer holding a rifle to support their narrative of police brutality in response to recent riots in the city. However, it was soon discovered that the protesters conveniently ignored crucial facts about the circumstances behind their camera.

Video footage obtained by the Global Times and interviews with a police association leader on Wednesday showed that the safety of the officers was seriously threatened by violent protesters who surrounded and threw objects at them, meaning the officer was legally justified to raise his weapon as a warning.

The episode took place outside a police station in Kwai Chung on Tuesday night, when hundreds of radical protesters illegally gathered, blocked the doors and constantly provoked officers. Police officers emerged to disperse the crowd, and that was when the incident occurred.

In the photos and videos disseminated by many Western media and circulated by anti-government forces, the attack on officers by the protesters was not shown.

But a video obtained by the Global Times shows several officers surrounded by a group of protesters inside a garage near Kwai Chung police station. Protesters threw umbrellas, bottles and other items at the officer, putting his life in danger. Clearly feeling threatened by the visibly overwhelming violence, the officer raised the gun - a US-made Remington rifle that also shoots rubber bullets.

Other information gathered by the Global Times indicates that radical protesters attacked the police officers with strong acid, injuring one senior police inspector, one police inspector, one sergeant and two other officers. There were several injuries, including burns to their eyes, mouths, arms and legs.  

Such dangerous circumstances warranted the officer to raise his weapon in defense of himself and his fellow officers, according to Chan Cho Kwong, chairman of the Hong Kong Junior Police Officers Association.

Chan told the Global Times on Wednesday that officers follow three guidelines to know when using a weapon is appropriate:  first, when protecting themselves or others from being hurt physically; second, when arresting violent suspects; and third, when restoring peace and order during riots.

"It's absolutely legitimate that the police officer raised the gun at that situation," he said. 

It is also important to note that the officer did not fire the gun.

While anti-government forces describe the officer as having pointed a gun at "peaceful" protesters, or some even said local residents, Global Times reporters on the scene saw a vastly different situation unfold. The protesters on Tuesday night were provocative and violent at times, while officers remained inside.

The protesters used favored methods, including shouting insulting slogans, imitating a dog barking, and pointing laser lights at officers inside the station.

When two officers arrested an individual and were walking back to the station around midnight, some protesters shoved the officers and others threw umbrellas, eggs and other objects at the officers.

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