China refutes claim PLA Garrison will enforce martial law in HK

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/2 22:43:53

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday refuted reports that the People's Liberation Army Garrison in Hong Kong would allegedly be deployed to enforce martial law on Sunday, and that US and UK passport holders would be "cleaned up," calling such reports "rumors" and " aimed at creating panic." 

Hua Chunying, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said that some Western governments, including the US, have turned black into white and made irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong's situation, which wantonly interfered in China's internal affairs. 

"We urge those foreign forces to recognize the situation and determination and ability of the central government to support the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government in administering its policies in accordance with the law and maintaining Hong Kong's security and stability," Hua said. 

Since June, rallies have been staged in Hong Kong on the extradition bill. Some radical demonstrators deliberately provoked and created violent incidents, which seriously threatened public safety and affected the rule of law, social order, economic livelihood and international image of Hong Kong. The central government firmly supports the Hong Kong government in handling the situation according to law, Hua said. 

"We hope that journalists distinguish between the appeals of ordinary Hong Kong residents from the violent activities of a very small number of radical forces. Do not let the majority of Hong Kong citizens be abducted by a small number of violent forces," Hua said. 

Hua added that she has seen reports saying that more and more Hong Kong residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of radical forces, and wish peace would be restored to Hong Kong as soon as possible. 

Global Times

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