Manhole cover maniacs

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/4 17:58:50

A villager from Gushi country, Central China's Henan Province, is taking away a manhole cover from an overturned semitrailer on Thursday. Photo: screenshot of video posted by The Beijing News

Villagers in Central China stole the manhole covers from an overturned semitrailer, but the police said they did not commit a crime.

A video posted Sunday by The Beijing News shows that a semitrailer loaded with manhole covers overturned on the side of a street in Gushi country, Henan Province.

The owner of the semitrailer surnamed Song discovered that the 33-ton manhole covers were stolen by villagers the other day. 

"Some of them used tricycles, motorcycles and scooters to move the manhole covers," said Song.

Song said he tried to stop them from taking the covers, but no one listened to him. 

Song reported to the police. The police said what the villagers did does not constitute crimes as Song was not present when they moved the manhole covers and the amount they took way was small.

Netizens criticized the police's irresponsible behavior.

Local police is now investigating this case. They also suspended the police officers who made the irresponsible comment.

The Beijing News


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