Hong Kong airport resumes operation after protest-forced halt

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/8/15 10:55:36

The Hong Kong International Airport started to resume operation on Wednesday after chaos and flight cancellations caused by protesters.

Passengers are now able to conduct check-in procedures after tickets or purchase vouchers are checked by airport staff. A demonstration area has been marked out at the arrival hall.

Airport Authority Hong Kong said earlier Wednesday that it has obtained an interim injunction to restrain persons from unlawfully and willfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of the airport.

The authority emphasized that persons are also restrained from attending or participating in any demonstration or protest or public order event in the airport other than in the area designated by the airport authority.

The interim injunction expressly provides that nothing in the interim injunction shall be construed as authorizing any demonstration, protest or public order event contrary to the Public Order Ordinance.

Many of the passengers, who have their flights delayed or changed, are still waiting at the airport for confirmation of their departure time.

"It was totally chaos last night and those people in black were everywhere. We were very scared," said Maria, a passenger from the Philippines. "I just hope we can fly on time today."

"I'm very angry. Some of the protesters said they were sorry but I think they were just having fun here, obstructing us," said Pia from Germany. "I can't believe this could be happening in the 21st century."

"I only wish I can leave Hong Kong safely and go back home," she said.

As one of the busiest in the world, the Hong Kong International Airport handled an average of 200,000 travelers each day in 2018.

Frank Chan, secretary for transport and housing of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, said paralyzing the airport will make Hong Kong "pay a heavy price."

"Amid fierce regional competition, it is very easy to destroy years of achievements the airport has accomplished, but rebuilding them will be very hard," Chan said.


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