Cathay Pacific reiterates support of regulators, bans rally at HQ

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/8/28 12:36:47

The embattled Cathay Pacific Airways published another warning late Tuesday night, saying it would take a "zero-tolerance" approach to any support for, or participation in, illegal protests, violent activities or overly-radical behavior regarding the planned activities by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions around Cathay City on Wednesday afternoon.

The airline stated they have reminded their staff that the event is illegal and that the injunction granted to the Airport Authority of Hong Kong also covers Cathay City. Cathay City is the hub for global operations and, as such, includes facilities that are absolutely critical to flight operations.

The airline has released several statements this month, claiming to support the upholding of Basic Law and all the rights and freedoms afforded by it.

However, the troubled airline is still in hot water. 

The company confirmed on Monday that a number of portable oxygen bottles stored onboard two of its aircraft were found to have been discharged or partially discharged while the aircraft were on the ground, prior to departure in Toronto.

Of the 22 bottles carried onboard each aircraft, five were affected on one aircraft and eight on the other.

The company said it is taking the issue very seriously, and has launched an internal investigation into the matter.

"Although it is only an oxygen shortage, it is related to the protection of every life in the flight cabin," Guo Ning, a veteran airlines expert told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

He said the "small actions" of individual Cathay employees have reached the height of anger, as they are violating people's right to security, in exchange for media attention and political purpose. 

"Cathay Pacific should thoroughly investigate the matter and find the culprit, and give a satisfactory explanation to Cathay Pacific employees and passengers," he added. 

On August 16, Cathay Pacific's Board of Directors announced that it has accepted the resignations of Rupert Hogg as Chief Executive Officer and Paul Loo as Chief Customer and Commercial Officer. 

Cathay Pacific Group said last week that traffic into Hong Kong, both for business and leisure, has weakened substantially. The group also sees outbound Hong Kong traffic starting to soften, particularly for their short-haul network.

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