China’s punishment list of discredited entities increase by 290,000 in August

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/3 19:42:42

A passenger walks past a board listing discredited individuals in Huaian, East China's Jiangsu Province in November 2018. Photo: VCG

The national public credit information center under the National Development and Reform Commission announced on September 3 that it had added 290,000 entities on a list of joint punishment for discredited actions in August.

In addition, 547 more people will face travel restrictions on train travel and 965 by air.

By the end of August, various ministries had signed 51 memorandums on joint rewards and punishments, taking joint disciplinary actions against discredited individuals or companies based on relevant rules.

In August, the relevant ministries made 297,623 new additions to the list of joint punishment targets for dishonesty to the national public credit information center, involving 43,870 companies and organizations, and 214,631 people.

Among the 290,000 entities newly added to the blacklist, China Railway Corporation (CRC), the country's top railway operator, listed 528 people, who were involved in actions including smoking in non-smoking areas, disturbing railway transportation order and endangering railway safety, taking trains without buying tickets and so on. These people will be restricted from travel on all kinds of trains.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China listed 946 people, who were mainly involved in carrying, consigning or hiding illegal products in their luggage, using forged documents or using other people's documents to board planes, occupying other people's seats, fighting and other actions. They will be restricted from taking civilian flights.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission, the country's securities regulator, reported 19 people for dishonest actions, such as listed company executives failing to fulfill public commitment by a deadline.

China's social credit system via a blacklist has made progress recently. Losing credit in one area might mean an entity is restricted in other areas.

The announcement points out that the joint punishment list was settled by relevant ministries  in accordance with the rules and procedures.

Authorities remind the public to pay attention to discredited entities in work, life and business activities, and carefully choose cooperation partners to avoid risks.

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