Protests hurt Disneyland's popularity

By Li Qiaoyi in Hong Kong Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/10 23:13:40

Photo taken on Tuesday at Hong Kong Disneland Resort Photo: Cui Tianye/GT

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, as one of the most popular tourist attractions for Chinese mainland tourists, appeared to have lost its luster after months of violent protests which have pushed the city toward chaos.

Though quite a few people patronized the resort on Tuesday, no sign of crowded queues were spotted.

Other than messages broadcast in Putonghua notifying visitors of scheduled shows and parades, during a three-hour stay in the resort, Global Times reporters only heard a three-member family speaking Putonghua. But while the resort was not crowded, quite a few people were strolling on a workday in September, traditionally the off-time for Hong Kong Disneyland.

Cantonese, English and Japanese speaking travelers were seen almost everywhere. A group of tourists clad in red T-shirts with the word "Disney" on them, when asked, said they were from Indonesia. 

There were no long lines, even at some of the resort's most popular attractions, such as the Marvel-themed ride Iron Man Experience.

Annual attendance at the Hong Kong resort rose by 8 percent year-on-year to 6.7 million in fiscal 2018, according to its annual disclosure.

The resort doesn't release visitor figures on a monthly basis. 

A young man from the Netherlands, director of a finance company in Hong Kong who has been living in the city for three years, said he had visited the resort before and didn't see mainland visitors as was previously the case.

He said his company's business was very much affected, but that his company has a branch in Singapore, where some of the business can be shifted to.

"People who want to set up their business in Hong Kong are a bit scared," he told the Global Times.

"My Western friends are not visiting the city anymore. They are all staying away because in the Western media they only see the extremes. They are afraid to come here."

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