How Beijing police ensured security for the 70th anniversary ceremony

By Beijing Youth Daily - Global Times Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/14 17:13:39

Doves are released at the end of the military parade on October 1 on Beijing's Chang'an Avenue.

China marked the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1 by putting on a grand parade and fireworks show.

The parade featured 59 phalanxes, about 15,000 people, around 160 aircraft including 580 weapons and equipment, and lasted about 80 minutes. It was the largest in recent years.

The great efforts of countless people were behind the impressive celebration, especially police officers in Beijing, who were responsible for security during the national festival. 

The Beijing police had been working on preparing and guaranteeing security for the activity for months.

Recently, they revealed the details behind their work for the big celebration.

Clearing the roads

Early Thursday morning, the last festooned vehicle participating in the parade from outside Beijing drove out of the capital city.

"Among the festooned vehicles taking part in the parade, 42 were produced in Beijing, including 40 representing different themes, one for Beijing and one backup," Zhao Zheng, a captain in Beijing Public Security Bureau, said. Zhao was responsible for monitoring the production of the festooned vehicles.

Transporting the 40-meter-long and 4-meter-high floats was a major security challenge.

Zhang Xiaoli, a vice captain in the Beijing police, said that the vehicles had undergone 47 transfers since April. Zhao said that the work was very hard. He had to take more than 100 calls a day to coordinate details relating to the floats. In August, he only slept three hours a day. 

Police officers patrol in Beijing on October 2. Photos: VCG

Two large screens displayed the traffic conditions for the whole city at the coordination and publicity center of the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau under the Beijing Public Security Bureau.

The bureau put up more than 40 new surveillance cameras in the roads involved in the celebration. On the parade route, the bureau also removed about 100 poles for signal signs.

During the parade, the bureau was also responsible for removing roadblocks and coordinating the entry and exit of large equipment to and from the site. Their task involved 72 roads totaling a distance of 200 kilometers.

Flying high

At the end of the military parade on October 1, a total of 70,000 doves, the symbol of peace, were released on Chang'an Avenue.

Jia Peng, a vice captain from the Public Security Bureau in Beijing, began preparations for this grand event as early as May.

"First, we collected doves from every district. We were trained to conduct security checks on each dove," Jia said, "We had to check their heads, feathers and feet without hurting them. It was pretty much like caressing a cat." Every dove has a different personality, and Jia and his colleagues were often hurt during these checks and damaged several pairs of gloves.

After the doves were sent to the collection point, an abandoned parking lot, the police officers had to guard them constantly. 

The doves were released at 12:40pm in Tian'anmen Square, and continued to fly until arriving at their own homes.

"At that moment, our pressure was also released. It was worth it," Jia said.

In addition to the doves, 70,000 colorful balloons were also released, which took five months of training for participants at the Beijing Police College. A total of 450 students and 14 teachers were responsible for launching the balloons. During the 45-day training, they inflated 500 balloons every day.

Fired up

The fireworks show was the most impressive part of the ceremony, drawing a total of 280,000 citizens to the streets to view it.

The police garrisoned at 26 spots they had predicted would see large crowds.

The fireworks show was also the most dangerous part of the celebration. The fireworks were brought in eight police vehicles on closed roads while being transported into Beijing.

During the 30-hour trip, the police officers could not sleep until the fireworks had been safely put into storage.

Police found 2,400 hidden risks within a 600 meter range of the fireworks venue and eliminated them all. 

Police officers in the firework security group had to work 2,000 extra hours between December 2018 and October.

Beijing Youth Daily - Global Times

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