Avril Lavigne, Chinese man have the same number

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/15 18:18:40

Avril Lavigne. Photo: VCG

A man from Central China and Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has something very much in common: They have the exact same phone number and the man is not amused. 

Lavigne revealed her phone number on Twitter on Friday to promote her upcoming tour.  Dialing her number +1 (310) 740-8577 from China without the international call prefix connects callers with 131 0740 8577, which belongs to a man from Changde, Central China's Hunan Province, Knews reported on Monday.

The man, who was not identified by Knews, has since received so many errant calls he had to switch off his phone and post a plea on China's Twitter-like social platform Sina Weibo on Saturday, saying "Please stop calling me… I have to thank Avril for this."

Typical Net user comments under his Weibo post read: "I apologize for my passionate confession to you in the message I sent yesterday" and "Hahaha. Although you are having a hard time, this is really funny."

Lavigne's fans who added the correct prefix before dialing the number say they successfully made contact to the popular singer, Knews reported.

Lavigne said in her Twitter account that she revealed her number so she could connect with her fans on a personal level.

The hashtag "Avril revealed her phone number" has been viewed more than 770 million times on Sina Weibo as of press time.

Lavigne has a huge fan base in China and has more than 21 million followers on Twitter.


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