Photo shoot causes headache for mall’s washroom attendants

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/16 16:08:41

Models who take photos in the toilet of the shopping mall left clothes on the ground. Photo: screenshot of video posted by Knews

The ladies washroom in a shopping mall in East China has such nice decoration that it becomes a favorite place to stage no-cost photo shoots for online fashion stores, leaving mall managers and cleaners unimpressed. 

A video showing the inconsiderate behavior of models and web celebrities using the mall's washroom in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province went viral on Chinese social media, according to the report of Knews.

The models bring many changes of outfits and then leave piles of clothes around the washroom in the video.

One of the cleaners told Knews that some photo shoots take two hours but others can last far longer. She said sweaters and even sequin-ladened gowns are often tossed haphazardly making it impossible for her to clean the washroom for other people's use. 

The shopping mall's marketing manager said that most of the models are women and the mall's security guards are men, making it difficult for them to prevent the models from using the washroom as a free set for their fashion shoot.

A customer told Knews she was upset with the behavior of the models and web celebrities. "They cause inconvenience to cleaners and to us ordinary customers," she said. "At least they should clear up their clothes rather than piling them in a mess on the floor."


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