Director Rimas Tuminas returns to China with new theater work ‘Faust’

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/17 19:18:40

Promotional material for Faust Photo: Courtesy of Damai

After enjoying two of great theater works from Lithuanian director Rimas Tuminas in the first half of this year, Chinese audiences will be able to appreciate his latest work Faust, a theatrical adaptation of Goethe's world-class work, the show's production company announced on Wednesday. 

Considered one of the greatest works in the world, Goethe's Faust has been interpreted in various forms including stage works and has numerous fans. 

Tuminas, the winner of the State Prize of Russia in 1999, is one of them. 

Tuminas said that like many characters in Western literature, Faust hoped to change himself as well as the world. 

"They may look like madmen, but I admire them," he said at the announcement.  

The theater work, starring actors Liao Fan and Yin Zhusheng, will open in Nanjing on November 6 and tour to a number of Chinese cities such as Xi'an, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Beijing.


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