Goodbaby International caters to parents’ fashion preferences

By Du Qiongfang Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/18 17:08:11

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 It is not uncommon to see handbags or shoes which were designed through collaborations of fashion houses and artists. With the improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of esthetic taste and fashion has extended to every aspect of life. 

A world-leading parenting products company, Goodbaby International Holdings Ltd, held its 30th anniversary celebration alongside the launch of a series of new products on Wednesday. The company showcased its latest strollers, the patterns of which were designed by contemporary illustrator Rick Berkelmans from the Netherlands. 

"Chinese domestic products are now in the eye of the storm. The background is young consumers' openness toward culture. They don't care about premium brands that much now, but care more about their own needs. The situation is the same in other countries. What consumers need are designs that match their personalities. Each group, each level, each circle has their own preference. This is why we need so many designers," said Song Zhenghuan, chairman and executive director of Goodbaby. 

The company supplies millions of families around the world with children's car-safety seats, strollers, apparel, cribs, bicycles and tricycles, as well as products for feeding, nursing and personal care, among others. With over 12,000 employees worldwide, Goodbaby International owns eight R&D and design centers globally, which are located in the US, Europe and China. The company manages sales, marketing and distribution offices in 11 countries. 

Martin Pos, executive director and group CEO of Goodbaby, thinks that stroller manufacturing is also a fashion industry. "We are not [making] baby products. We are [making] products for parents, because babies don't buy products. Babies don't care about fashion," Pos said. He added that the company's aim is to think about young parents' fashion senses, and to match the strollers to them rather than their babies.

"A stroller is like a handbag, or like a pair of shoes. Women have many handbags and also different pairs of shoes because it shows [their] personal style and [their] personal moods on different occasions. So it is our responsibility to understand mothers' needs and style," Pos said. 

"We don't pretend to be fashion. We are fashion. Our designers come from the fashion industry, and we consequently make our products to match the latest fashion trends," Pos told the Global Times. 

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