Chilean president vows major reshuffle after week of protests

Source:Reuters Published: 2019/10/27 21:08:41

Soldiers stand guard on the street in Santiago, Chile, Oct. 19, 2019. (Xinhua/Jorge Villegas)

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on Saturday added a ­major cabinet reshuffle to a growing list of reforms he has promised to tame inequality and quell mass protests that have rocked the South American nation.

His announcement follows a peaceful rally late Friday that saw 1 million Chileans flood the streets to call for reforms to the country's social and economic model.

Chile, the world's top copper producer, has traditionally been one of the region's most prosperous and stable free-market economies, but entrenched inequality and spiraling costs of living have sparked calls for change.

"I have put all my ministers on notice in order to restructure my cabinet to confront these new demands," Pinera told reporters Saturday at mid-day from the La Moneda presidential palace.

Pinera did not announce the specifics of the reshuffle, nor did he say when he would announce them.

A document obtained by Reuters, however, suggested Pinera was considering replacing the heads of at least nine ministries, including the ministries of interior, defense, economy, transportation and environment. Protests in Chile began over a hike in subway fares more than a week ago but boiled into riots that have killed at least 17 people, resulted in more than 7,000 arrests and caused more than $1.4 billion of losses to Chilean businesses.

The center-right Pinera trounced the leftist opposition during 2017 elections. But the mass rallies throughout Chile have forced Pinera to change tact and tone, upending his policy goals and now, forcing overhaul his cabinet.

Pinera is looking to "buy time" by announcing the reshuffle and putting all of his ministers on notice, said Lucia Dammert, a political analyst with Santiago-based think tank Espacio Publico. But, she said Chileans would not wait much longer for specifics.

"The people are asking for a change... and now he's left us without a cabinet," she said, adding she expected further announcements shortly.

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