Chinese FM slams Pompeo’s arrogance and deep-rooted political prejudice for smearing CPC and Chinese govt

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/10/31 17:26:53

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Photo: Xinhua

Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday slammed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for maliciously attacking the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government in his recent speech, which reflect some US politician' political prejudices and expose their arrogance and fear.

Pompeo drove a wedge between the CPC and Chinese people, distorted and smeared China's internal and foreign policies, which reflected some US politicians' deep-rooted political prejudice and dark anti-CPC mentality, Geng Shuang, spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said at a routine press conference on Thursday.

Geng said that Pompeo's remarks exposed arrogance and fear instead of showing confidence and strength. 

Pompeo on Wednesday accused the CPC and Chinese government of "reaching for and using methods that have created challenges for the United States and for the world," Reuters reported.

"We collectively, all of us, need to confront these challenges ... head on," Pompeo told the Hudson Institute think tank.

Geng said that China has made remarkable achievements under the leadership of the CPC since the founding of the People's Republic of China. 

Any attempt to smear China or obstruct China's stable development is doomed, Geng said. 

"We urge US officials to reflect on and correct their mistakes, stop actions and words that undermine China-US relations, and meet China halfway," Geng said. 

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