Huawei issues gentle warning to employees after public complaint from HR staff member

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/5 17:23:40

A member of Huawei's reception staff walks in front of a large screen displaying the logo in the foyer of a building used for high-profile visits. Photo: VCG

China's tech giant Huawei on Tuesday issued a gentle warning to its employees, instructing them to maintain a positive working ethic after a public complaint from one of its human resources (HR) staff members drew widespread attention online.

A real-name complaint posted online on Thursday by a Huawei HR staff member named Hu Ling has sparked discussion among netizens on Chinese social media platforms. The lengthy letter recorded a detailed course of events, including disputes mainly involving three employees in the HR sector.

In a public email sent by Huawei's CEO office and posted on Huawei's internal online communication platform, the company said that personnel administration for a company like Huawei is difficult considering tasks such as calculating salaries and bonuses, distributing stocks and adjusting grades for 194,000 staff. 

Unfair situations are inevitable and employees should try to put themselves in others' shoes, read the statement signed by Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, noting that there is no need to make a fuss about trifling matters.

Employee discussions should stay in Huawei's internal community and not disturb external society, it said.

Huawei's staff, particularly its research personnel, has been doing great, the statement said. They, including diligent management and HR, are the foundation upon which the company has developed from nothing into a global technology player, said the statement.

Consultation and communication are needed, and all staff should try to be lenient and understand each other, it said, adding that internal reform needs to be promoted quietly rather than clamorously, when the company is forced to respond to a "period of war."

Huawei, which plays a leading role in 5G technology, has been in the global spotlight due to the crackdown it is facing from the US.


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