HK police says officer used live ammunition out of self defense

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/11 17:18:39

Some rioters set fires in Hong Kong on Monday morning. Source: Web

Hong Kong police said on Monday that a police officer opened fire to prevent his gun from being snatched by rioters, which could have led to disastrous consequences. 

Hong Kong Police Force Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung said at a press briefing on Monday that the police officer fired three shots, and only one hit the rioter, and the police arrested two people including the shot one. The injured rioter is in hospital as the case is being investigated.

At around 7:30 am, a group of rioters set up barricades at a traffic intersection in San Wan Ho, black-clad rioters attacked a police officer who came to carry out dispersal work. The police officer fired a live round at one rioter in self defense.

Kong said five to six masked men shouted "don't let him leave" to the police officer who put out his gun, which did not deter the masked men. 

He was trying to stop a rioter from approaching him, but another black-clad man approached him and tried to snatch his gun. The police officer was surrounded by rioters, and decided to open fire, Kong said. 

It all happened quickly. He was trying to protect himself and his gun, Kong said. 

Information of the police officer's family has been leaked online and rioters even threatened to target his children, and police appealed to society to stay calm, Kong said. 

Hong Kong police strongly condemned the riot and violence on Monday which put innocent citizens at risk, and said that they have arrested 266 since November 4 for unlawful assembly and possessing offensive weapons. 

Such a rampage has put Hong Kong in a chaotic situation, and everyone is a loser. We appeal to the public to remain rational, police said. 

As for a police officer who drove his motorcycle into crowds in Kwai Fong Monday morning, police said that the officer was trying to separate rioters and another police officer who had his face sprayed with an unknown chemical. 

The officer in the motorcycle was also attacked by an iron bar. He has been suspended frontline duties. 

Police said they are investigating the incident.  

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