20kg boa drops into restaurant

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/17 16:48:39

The captured snake in the bag Photo:web

A 20-kilogram, 3-meter-long boa constrictor gave a local restaurant owner in Foshan of South China's Guangdong Province a creepy surprise when the snake fell from the ceiling, ending a ten-year mystery.

The restaurant owner happened to notice the fat snake's brownish camouflaged skin through the crack of the ceiling and called the police for help, Jinling Evening Post reported on Sunday on its WeChat public account. 

"I have only seen them in the zoo or on TV. It was quite scary. It gave me the shivers," the owner said.

By the time police arrived the snake had already fallen from the ceiling, and a number of local residents joined in to help capture the snake. 

Officer Chen Gang said it took only five minutes to apprehend the animal.

Residents in the neighborhood said the snake was legendary as it was first spotted 10 years ago when the property was being renovated, but it got away. 

The snake has been sent to the local wildlife rescue center.

Global Times


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