Marathoner defends running while pregnant

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/11/19 18:13:40

Li attends three marathons during her pregnancy. Photo: screenshot of video posted by Pear Video

A 40-year-old elite runner, who is now eight months pregnant, finished the Shanghai Marathon on Monday, which is her third marathon during her current pregnancy. 

The pregnant woman, named Li Lili, finished the race in a plodding five hours, 17 minutes but has faced some criticism from netizens who suggested she's endangering her baby's health. 

"Half of the people who criticize me haven't gotten pregnant," she told Pear Video in a telephone interview.    

Li says she has run three marathons during her pregnancy. The previous one was when she was six months pregnant.

A video posted by Pear Video shows Li wearing her runner's bib over her very large tummy and happily flashing a V sign while jogging alongside other runners and even passing some of them.

"I know my own body very well," she said, noting that exercising during pregnancy is not dangerous to her or her infant. 

Many healthcare workers advocate women exercise most days of the week during pregnancy. They say exercising during pregnancy offers many benefits including reducing backaches, improving mood and energy levels and sleep. Exercise will also help a woman prepare for labor and delivery. 

Li says it's important for everyone to stay in shape and walk 10,000 steps a day which she has done for many years. 

Li also had a lot of admirers on social media. "Netizens are too easy to panic… Live your own life and tell others about it," wrote a Net user criticizing Li's critics.  


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