All the world's a stage for Yuan Quan

Source:Global Times Published: 2009-6-11 20:12:31

Yuan Quan is all set to play the role of a lifetime. As Jane Eyre, she will be concretizing all her childhood dreams into one character that she always longed to portray.

With her previous works covering the areas of drama, film and music, Yuan Quan is considered as one of the most prolific performers in modern China and is rated high in popularity among the educated youth. Commenting on the roles she played, Yuan said, “Jane Eyre is what I aspire to be in the future.”

While Yuan was still studying in the Central Academy of Drama as classmate of Zhang Ziyi, her performance in Rhapsody of Spring, a film based on the biography of modern musician Shi Guangnan, won her the best supporting actress in the 1999 Golden Rooster Award, which is one of the most honored film awards in China.

However, it is on stage that Yuan has earned most fame and applause. She chose to become a professional drama actress at the National Theater of China after graduation and first attracted the audience and media in the 2001 production of Hurricane.

However, it was not until Meng Jinghui’s musical drama Amber in 2005 that helped her to the peak of her drama career. The play was a hit, touring seven cities in Asia, attracting more than 100,000 audiences.

The success of Amber partly arose from Yuan’s untrained but sincere singing, which immediately brought her a contract with a music company and she released her first album Lonely Flowers in 2007.

Out of the four actresses who have played the role Yun, including legendary actress Brigitte Lin (Chongqing Express), Yuan’s performance was considered as the best, which was even confirmed by the director himself.

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