Macao natural landscape

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Coloane Island

Coloane Island was the southern-most island in Macao. It used to be separated from Taipa to the north but the two are now joined by the Cotai Strip to form one huge island.

The island, formerly a haven for pirates who sought shelter in its many coves, is largely rural and provides a wonderful break from the crowded and busy Macao Peninsula. Here, you'll find the quaint Coloane village with its pastel Portuguese-style houses and narrow lanes. Coloane also has two of Macao's best beaches - Cheoc Van and Hac Sa. Many people from Macao come over to Coloane to feast on Macanese cuisine and seafood.


By bus
Buses connect various parts of the Macao Peninsula with Coloane via Taipa and Cotai. Fares are MOP$4 for buses to Coloane Village, or MOP$5 (HK$4.85) for buses which end their journey at Hac Sa Beach.

By road
Coloane is linked by several roads, including the main Taipa-Coloane Isthmus Causeway, to Taipa, which in turn is linked by bridges to Macao Peninsula. The roads go through Cotai, the reclaimed area between Coloane and Taipa.


Hac Sa Beach (Black Sand Beach)

Hac Sa Beach, Macao, one of the major Macao Tourist Attractions, is a popular tourist spot in Macao. Large number of visitors from all over the world throngs this destination to explore its beauty and magical charm. The reason for the popularity of Hac Sa Beach, Macao is that the beach has a distinct deep grey color, and hence the name. The name Hac Sa means black sand. If you are the lover of sun, sand and sea, then this is the ideal place to be. You can spot this beautiful beach at the south east side of Coloane Island. This is the renowned black sand beach in the Macao. This tourist attraction draws large number of visitors every year with its beauty and charm.

At the Hac Sa Beach in Macao itself, you can find various other interesting places as well. This beach has a beautiful park with swimming pool, play ground and BBQ ground. You can find some recreational areas as well, where you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Not only the foreign travelers, but also the local residents come here to spend their holidays. You can do some swimming at the sea and refresh yourself. At the beach, you can hire jet skis and have a great fun. There are several sports facilities at this beach. You can avail the mini golf course, tennis court and the badminton courts.

Hac Sa Beach is the largest natural beach in Macao, which was formerly a Portuguese colony. Though the beach was named because of the presence of the black sand, at present you can find some areas of yellow sand as well. The government has taken steps to refill the eroded area with yellow sand so as to preserve the beach from disappearing.

Hac Sa Beach, Macao remains open daily so that the travelers can enjoy this beach any day and at any time. The best part is you do not have to pay any price to savor the beauty of the beach. Make sure to visit the Fernando's, where you can stop to enjoy some light meals and snacks. At the restaurant, you can also enjoy the facilities of the barbeque.


Cheoc Van Beach (Bamboo Bay Beach)

Cheoc Van Beach (Bamboo Bay Beach) is located on the south coast of Coloane Island, at the foot of Pousada de Coloane. The sea is clean and safe for swimming, canoeing, and windsurfing. Hence this is Macao's most popular beach. Equipment for the water sports is available for rent and there is a café serving drinks and snacks for the hungry.

The Macao Yacht Club and a large open-air pool are located here. The former is open daily between 9 am to 10 pm. It closes at midnight on weekends. One can hire a Moke or take the public bus to reach Cheoc Van and its neighbor, Hac Sa Beach. Those who like walking may do so from Coloane Village along Estrada de Cheoc Van.


Taipa Island

Originally two separate islands – Taipa, was joined up by excess silt from the Pearl River, in the same way Coloane was. Once an island predominantly made up of boat yards and duck farms, it has become increasingly urbanized while retaining the feeling of being an oasis of calm. The scenic, pastel colored, colonial villas, notable greenery and beach make Taipa a prime choice for anyone wishing to experience the natural wonders of Macao.

Offering a variety of recreational choices ranging from a day at the racing track to soaking up the sights of Taipa village, or trying your luck down at one of the casino-hotels. The baroque churches, Taoist and Buddhist temples demonstrate an eclectic fusion of architecture illustrating the mixed community on the islands that still for the large part live within this sleepier section of the city.

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