KaiLA: "a girl's dream come true"

Source:Global Times Published: 2010-9-1 10:34:00

Xu Jinglei Photo: Zhang Yu

By Dai Tian

What can an already successful actress, director, blogger and magazine editor possibly want next? Chinese media star Xu Jinglei recently launched her new jewelry line KaiLA, adding designer and businesswoman to her resume.

Xu unveiled about 20 new designs targeting the modern, white-collar woman, adding that her animal-themed designs have been hot sellers. Since the opening of her online store four months ago, she has sold more than 10,000 pieces, said Xu at a press conference Friday.

KaiLA's designs are the work of professional jewelers from China, Europe, US, Japan and South Korea, as well as Xu Jinglei herself. "When an idea hits me at night, I'm too excited to sleep. I just can't wait to wear it," she said.

Designs such as her agate cat pendant necklaces were in her mind since  she was a little girl.

"I believe opening a jewelry shop must be every girl's dream, and I'm no exception," Xu Jinglei said when asked about her inspiration for KaiLA.

Xu started her business with online sales on Taobao, and now her jewelry is sold on more than 100 websites including Dangdang and Amazon. Xu believes the credibility of the online stores is most important. "That's why we need a trustworthy brand," Xu said. 

As a professional actress and popular blog writer, Xu knows how to manage her time. Even though she also directed and starred in the hit movie Go LaLa Go this year and owns the fashion e-magazine Snap Shot, Xu "doesn't think the jewelry shop occupies too much time," and sees her new business as a joy. "I would be happy if I could focus on it all day long.  That or looking through my wardrobe," she added.

Xu Liuliu contributed to this story

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