North Korean workers on their way to China Published: 2012-6-25 16:50:00

According to The Chosun Ilbo, another 20,000 workers from North Korea will be sent to China to work in the manufacturing industry in such sectors as clothing, food, and information technology. Previously, reports said over 20,000 work visas for jobs with competitive salaries will be granted to eligible North Korean workers as part of a program to ease a labor shortage in China's northeastern industrial base. The North Korean workers will receive more than 1,000 yuan per month.

@无畏智慧:I strongly welcome them, and it will be a good thing if we can help North Korea with some ideas and improve their talent reserves.

@周东滨:China will soon face the impact of having an exotic cheap labor force, just like what we've done to other countries.

@anan小玉:The IT skill level of China is somewhere between the levels of South Korea and North Korea. South Korea is stronger than us in the IT field, and North Korea, though weaker, is learning hard and solidly.

@朱鹏_北京:I have no idea how North Korea's IT skills are, but maybe they are good at security control, and even better than us.

@英楠1980:The biggest mistake in a country's development is to close its gate, and the dominant reason for falling behind is in denying the mainstream trend of economic development.


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