Russia to ship three repaired helicopters to Syria on schedule: official
Xinhua | 2012-6-28 16:17:24
By Agencies
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Russia would deliver three repaired attack helicopters to Syria on schedule, federal military technological cooperation service said Thursday.

Director of the service, Alexander Fomin, said that Russia has repaired three Mi-25 helicopters in line with a contract Moscow and Damascus signed in 2008.

"Syria is our friend, and we fulfill all our obligations to our friends. According to the contract of 2008, we have repaired three Mi-25 helicopters and are ready to ship them on time," Fomin told reporters on the sidelines of the Engineering Technologies-2012 Exhibition in the Moscow region.

The official, however, didn't give the exact time of delivery.

Last week, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that Moscow would fulfill its 2008 contract with Syria on military-technical cooperation.

Moscow said it has maintained military-technical ties with Damascus, but denied supplying Syria with arms that could be used against "peaceful demonstrators."

Earlier this month, US State Secretary Hillary Clinton accused Russia of providing Syria with combat helicopters, saying such shipments would intensify the conflict "quite dramatically."

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