South Sudan proposes peace agreement to Sudan, AU

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-7-25 9:26:45

South Sudan has tabled a peace agreement to Sudan and the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) with concrete proposals to comprehensively resolve all outstanding issues between the two neighboring countries before deadline of negotiations, Pagan Amum, Chief Negotiator of South Sudan, told reporters on Tuesday.

The AU Peace and Security Council roadmap endorsed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2046 requires the two states to conclude their negotiations on resolving outstanding issues by Aug. 2, 2012.

Amum told reporters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, that South Sudanese proposed Agreement on Friendly Relations & Cooperation (AFRC) aims to achieve permanent and lasting peace, security and prosperity for both nations.

The AFRC would rejuvenate Sudan's economy as well as end hostilities and resume bilateral trade including oil production and export, and ensure a permanent peace between the South Sudan and Sudan if accepted by its neighbor, said the Chief Negotiator.

In the interest of peace, South Sudan has tabled an agreement that is very forward-leaning, he said.

Amum said, to ensure mutual economic viability South Sudan is offering to immediately resume the export of its oil through Sudan's pipelines in exchange for fair, reasonable transportation fees.

South Sudan also offers to forgive Sudan for over 500 million U. S. dollars in lost revenues resulting from Sudan's prior confiscation and diversifications of its oil, said Amum.

"South Sudan has increased its offer on per barrel transportation fees to 9.10 dollars (GNPOC pipeline) western pipeline and 7.26 dollars (Petrodar pipeline) to the east: now offering a 7 percent increase in the processing fees so that Sudan could earn profits on its processing facilities not earned from other shippers," he said.

"South Sudan offers a total wealth transfer of 8.213 billion dollars to Sudan in the form of a Direct Financial Contribution, a Transit Fee, a Central Processing Fee Profit Component, and debt forgiveness. This represents over 75 percent of the 10.4 billion dollars financial gap Sudan calculated after session," said Amum.

"South Sudan is now offering a total net cash transfer to Sudan of 3.245 billion dollars. This represents more than 1/3 of the average of Sudan's calculated gap (10.4 bln dollars) and the IMF's calculated fiscal gap of 7.768 billion dollars. South Sudan has increased its offer of debt forgiveness to Sudan from 2.8 billion dollars to 4.968 billion dollars," he said.

He also added that South Sudan has offered to jointly approach the international community to seek contributions to Sudan's gap, forgiveness of Sudan's external debt and removal of economic sanctions.

"To prevent a return to war and secure peaceful settlements of our differences, South Sudan has declared and honored a cessation of hostilities and has conditionally accepted the AUHIP Map to establish, without further delay, the demilitarized buffer zone, and immediately activate all security mechanisms," he said.

According to the chief negotiator, South Sudan has also proposed a time-bound final and binding international arbitration process to peacefully resolve the final status of the remaining outstanding contested areas along the border.

However, he said the two sides could not negotiate the outstanding issues and have not gained progress in security because of differences between the two sides.

He blamed the Sudan side for rejecting the AUHIP Map that would have been used as the basis for the establishment of safe demilitarized zone.

Upto now, there is a delay in implementing the component of security arrangements as came in the Roadmap and in the UN Security Council; this delay is simply because the government of Sudan upto now is rejecting the AUHIP Map, said Amum.

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