NBA star Yi Jianlian to fly China's flag in London Games Published: 2012-7-25 18:32:00

NBA star Yi Jianlian will carry the Chinese flag at the 2012 London Olympic Games, leading the nation's 396-member delegation during the Parade of Nations ceremony on July 27.

Following precedent, basketball players have carried the Chinese flag ever since the country's return to the Games, beginning with Wang Libin at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Most recently, superstar Yao Ming carried the flag during the 2004 and 2008 Games.

@尕狸: Congratulations to Yi! He is the pride of the Chinese people.

@孤独的守候: Let's not stick to the same old thing. We need to give a chance to other excellent athletes. Otherwise, there's no surprise waiting for us every four years.

@锡宁: I'd have thought Li Na would be the flag bearer. However, it doesn't matter. The important thing for athletes is to play well.

The Chinese delegation lacks a tall and internationally influential player. A female athlete has never been chosen. Athletes in men's volleyball, football and swimming seem not to be influential enough. As far as athletics go, Liu Xiang is qualified to do the honor, but he is as protected as a panda. China also has excellent table tennis and badminton players, but these two events are not widely popular. China is also good at gymnastics, but gymnasts are not tall enough to be flag bearer. Therefore, the only choice is a basketball player.

Why do they always choose basketball players, because they are taller? The flag bearer should be a gold medalist, such as Liu Xiang or Li Na.

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