Brazil's Zanetti dethrones "king of rings" Chen, netizens dispute scoring Published: 2012-8-7 19:10:00

Brazilian gymnast Arthur Zanetti upset China's "king of rings" Chen Yibing to grab Olympic gold on July 6, sparking heated online debate over the scoring.

After Zanetti and Chen delivered routines with a 6.8 degree of difficulty, Chen earned 15.800 points with a "perfect performance", said a BBC live commentator. Zanetti then followed and scored 15.900 points, 0.100 more than that of Chen despite taking a step in his landing.

"I'm very satisfied with my performance. But yes, I'm surprised Zanetti took gold," Chen told Xinhua News Agency.

@换换气再侃: Organization and refereeing during the London Olympic Games are disappointing. Many athletes have contested match results. I can't understand why some developed countries are so resentful and try to suppress developing countries such as China in sports.

@Corleonisword: As a layman I thought the performance by the Brazilian athlete was beautiful. His small mistake at the end wouldn't have influenced the results. There is no such thing as absolute fairness in events scored by judges. Was the Beijing Olympic Games absolutely fair? We should not be brining politics into this. Although Chen did not win a gold medal, he is a hero of China.

@山鹰糊: We should consider the situation from several sides. First, do you know about the scoring rules of gymnastics? The best performance in your eyes may not be the one that receives the most points. Second, the Brazilian pulled off excellent strength positions. Third, every judge has his own subjective understanding of the athlete's performances. Gymnastics results are actually hard to predict.

@0元畅聊卡: I don't get it. If Chen can deal with this situation so calmly, is it so necessary for us to complain online about his "being wronged"?

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