Official with Wukan links investigated
Global Times | 2012-8-13 1:40:08
By Global Times
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Chen Zengxin, 56, a Party official who reportedly oversaw complaints from villagers in Wukan, which saw violent protests that peacefully ended in December, is being investigated for serious disciplinary violations, according to a one-sentence announcement by the Discipline Inspection Commission of Guangdong Province Friday.

The announcement did not reveal details or list specific charges against Chen, who is a Party official with Shanwei, which administers Wukan. He was transferred to head the Committee of Politics and Law in Shanwei in September, 2011, when villagers in Wukan began to protest against the seizure of their farmlands.

In November last year, reported that Chen was responsible for hearing the opinions of villagers. on Friday reported that an anonymous whistleblower, identified only as a retired official in Lufeng, wrote to higher authorities listing the names of people who bribed Chen in order to receive government posts.

The letter alleges that Chen took more than 30 million yuan ($4.7 million) after assuming his Party position in Lufeng in 2006.

The accusations against Chen could not be independently verified.

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