Egyptian police officer gets 5 years in jail over Saudi embassy attacks
Xinhua | 2012-8-27 9:39:08
By Agencies
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Cairo criminal court sentenced a police officer to five years in jail and other 74 people to one year suspended sentences over attacks on the Saudi Arabia embassy in Cairo, state media reported on Sunday.

Another one was referred to the Child Court for his young age, while the police officer, Omar Afifi was tried in absentia over inciting the people on the Internet to use knives and other weapons to assault the security men and vandalize the public facilities and buildings, according to official news agency MENA.

The attack occurred last year during anti-Israel protests in Egypt, leaving three people killed and 105 injured, including 44 people from the police forces.

The defendants were charged of using violence and weapons to attack diplomatic missions and set fire on the Giza Security Directorate for a terrorist purpose.

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