Chen Guangbiao takes ad in New York Times to bolster China's Diaoyu Islands claim Published: 2012-9-2 18:00:00

Recycling mogul Chen Guangbiao, known for his philanthropy and bombastic self-promotion, took out a half-page advertisement in Friday's edition of the New York Times declaring that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

@娃娃小团子: Even if he did this to promote himself, he spent his own money and did something that many people aren't willing to do.

@宾语的天涯: Impulsiveness doesn't solve anything. We should calmly observe the situation trends and cautiously handle it. I believe our country's diplomatic measures.

@未来评论家: Spending money on advertising might not necessarily get the Diaoyu Islands back, but it could impose pressure on the US and its citizens, who play a part in the current situation.

It is an international ad that covers everything at once with a mix of politics, business and sensationalism.

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