At least 25 killed in massive fire at fireworks factory in India
Xinhua | 2012-9-5 17:56:10
By Agencies
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At least 25 people were killed and 40 others seriously injured after an explosion in a fireworks factory in Sivakasi district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu Wednesday, said local media reports.

Local TV footages showed the site of the fire was like a bombed area with people trying to flee for life.

Casualties are expected to rise as the fire has spread to a nearby storage where some people were feared to be trapped. At least 300 people were present when the explosion took place at 13: 00 pm, said local TV Times Now.

A fire was raging inside Om Siva Sakthi Fireworks factory, preventing rescuers from entering the building. Most of those killed were bystanders while the exact number of people inside the factory was not immediately known, said Indo-Asian News Service.

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