Syrian army kills 32 armed men in central Homs
Xinhua | 2012-9-13 18:58:31
By Agencies
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32 armed men were killed Thursday in a "qualitative" operation carried out by the Syrian army in the central province of Homs, the pro-government Sham FM radio said.

The military carried out the operation at Bab Houd area, according to the report.

Homs has emerged as a main hotspot in Syria's 18-month crisis.

Urban fightings have also raged in northern Syria's Aleppo province and suburbs of the capital Damascus over the past months.

Earlier Thursday, a car bomb exploded at the Damascus district of Ruken Eddien, burning three cars.

The blast took place at Salahuddien street in Ruken Eddien, local media said, adding that it was targeting a police patrol car but it was not damaged.

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