Families get compensation
Global Times | 2012-9-17 0:50:04
By Global Times – Xinhua
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Families get compensation

Some of the families of 19 construction workers killed when their elevator plummeted some 30 floors were given an initial compensation payment of 1.5 million yuan ($237,534) on Saturday in Hubei Province, reported the Wuhan-based Changjiang Daily.

The compensation was given to the families in most dire need.

The accident, which occurred at a construction site for a residential community in the provincial capital Wuhan on Thursday last week, saw the lift plunge from a height of some 100 meters.

Work at all construction sites in the city has been suspended until a safety inspection is completed. The city government has required the results of the inspections be reported by Thursday.

Bus plunge kills 11

Eleven people are confirmed dead after a bus plowed through a road barrier and fell into a ravine in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on Saturday, authorities said Sunday.

Officials from the county government of Longde said six people were being treated for injuries in area hospitals.

The accident occurred at about 8 pm on a State-level road in Longde county, the city of Guyuan, when the bus carrying 17 people overturned and fell into a ravine.

The bus, en route from Lanzhou, provincial capital of Gansu Province, to Pingliang, another city in the province, is registered in neighboring Gansu Province and has a designed capacity of 41 passengers.

Global Times - Xinhua


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