Madagascar to improve health of teenagers with international partners

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-10-3 8:47:49

Madagascar, Switzerland and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) will improve service offered on health of Malagasy teenagers, a joint statement said on Tuesday.

In Madagascar's part, the Antananarivo University medical centers undertake, in the agreement signed Monday, to open an Interdisciplinary Centre for Adolescent Health and align the multidisciplinary health services of teenagers in Madagascar to the international standards of adolescent health.

The direction of Paramedical training institutes agreed to implement an educational program on "Adolescent Health" for paramedics' students, while the Faculty of Medicine in Antananarivo University is committed to introduce into the curricula of the 7th year of medical school, a training program on adolescent health and to promote research on adolescent health, according to the statement.

In Switzerland part, the statement said that Lausanne University medical centers, through its Faculty of Biology and Medicine will support the documentation, training and research on adolescent health.

Also, Switzerland will host Malagasy doctors, paramedics and health employees to perform training or research in its universities and hospitals.

Unicef will support technically and financially the implementation of this convention.

"Adolescents from 10 to 19 years are facing a variety of health threats such as psychosocial problems, infectious diseases and somatic reproductive health or HIV/AIDS. It is important that we work together on the special needs of adolescents in order to preserve their health and provide an environment with which they will be able to build a safer future," Madagascar's minister of Public Health Ndahimanajara Johanita said in the joint statement.

According to UNICEF, Madagascar has more than 4 million adolescents aged from 10 to 19 years, representing the 24 percent of the total population while the national institute of statistics said the country has nearly 21 millions habitants.

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