Video made by university student to boost living for ‘Basketball Grandma’

By City Express Source:Agencies Published: 2012-10-12 16:25:03

A 76-year-old woman who lives with her daughter at the Jinhua-based Zhejiang Normal University has become a bit of a celebrity since a student posted an online video of her going about her daily life: buying vegetables, reading the paper, and playing basketball.

Song Huating, a student at the university, first took notice of Zhu Shumei when she was playing on a campus basketball court. Song was astonished to see that the old woman made the basket nearly every time she shot the ball.

After Song learned of Zhu's situation, she got the idea to produce a video meant to be a sort of advertisement for the old woman, which she hoped might prompt people to help her.

The 1.5-meter woman and her daughter live on government aid, receiving 1,113 yuan ($175.42) every three months. Her son sends 200 yuan each month to help make ends meet. She rents an apartment from the university, though the institution, considering her situation, does not accept rent from her.

Zhu, now known as the "Basketball Grandma," said she began to play basketball 20 years ago, when she divorced from her husband. In addition to playing basketball, Zhu's regular exercises include running 4,000 meters and climbing a 5-meter pole on the campus playground.

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Photo: CFP
Photo: CFP

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