CPC Congress an opportunity for dialogue

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-10-23 0:35:03

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee held a meeting yesterday to discuss issues related to the upcoming 18th National Congress, including amendments to the CPC Constitution. There are around two weeks before the 18th National Congress. It will be the country's most significant meeting in 2012.

Major Chinese events have quietly become major global events. Over a decade ago, comments from around the world on China were rare and fragmented. However, in the year 2012, a year in which the leaders of many countries will change, China's 18th National Congress is among those attracting the most attention.

Although China still maintains a very low-key approach, its strength and potential are difficult to hide. It is said that how China uses its strength and potential will impact the entire world, which places unprecedented international pressure on China.

The 18th National Congress of CPC is being held to showcase China's potential and problems to the entire Party and the people, as well as conduct a frank discussion with the world. The world has a lot of questions for China and the Chinese people also have issues with the domestic situation. The 18th National Congress needs to reply to all these questions.

Admittedly, China is plagued by many problems, but so is every other country. Many issues have been put on this list, because the public has a strong desire to solve them and they are hoping for solutions. In terms of long-term social ills without feasible solutions, people eventually get tired of discussing them. For example, unsustainable welfare standards in the West have eroded the economic foundations of these countries.

Chinese politics in 2012 appears to be full of twists. This is also due to the transparency of the media. The preparations for the Party Congress have been intensively scrutinized through the Internet, with many pieces of news being over-analyzed. But these have also helped clear away speculation surrounding the Congress.

The coming Party Congress has sent a signal of certainty, suggesting the Party and the Chinese government are in control of the country's political and economic situation, and are being prudent in dealing with world affairs. It is a country that does not easily stumble or move backward because of temporary difficulties.

The 18th Party Congress is worth our attention, so is China after this Congress.

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