Nike fine a wake-up call for foreign firms

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-10-29 22:30:07

Nike has been fined 4.87 million yuan ($779,700) for deceptive advertising in China, according to the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce recently.

One of Nike's high-end basketball shoes, which was advertised as double air cushioned, was sold at 1,299 yuan in China, more than 500 yuan higher than the price of the same model abroad. Moreover, the footwear sold in China only contained one air cushion.

Chinese consumers have long been annoyed by foreign brands' "double standards." However, the reason for Nike's fine this time is not double standards, but deceptive advertising. If we want to end foreign companies' "double standards," we have to make efforts in legal procedures.

Some foreign companies adopt "discriminative policies" toward Chinese consumers by setting different standards in terms of commodity quality, after-sales service and commodity recalls. As China has tight market regulations, some companies play cunning tricks. If Chinese consumers are to enjoy the same services as foreign ones, we need to keep China's consumer-protection system in line with international standards.

Meanwhile, authorities should grant NGOs more rights to carry out their missions and judicial departments should support consumers' legitimate demands so as to warn those companies with "double standards."

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