Multi-country dialogues growing hollow

Source:Global Times Published: 2012-10-30 0:15:09

The India-US-Japan Trilateral Dialogue was held in New Delhi Monday, focusing on maritime security cooperation, Afghanistan and Central Asia. In recent years, China has seen many such dialogues piling up.

In fact, their practical value is very low even if they somehow target China. China's rise is a tortuous process and the US by itself has found no ways to counter it, either alone or with other countries. 

To suppress China's rise, great financial support will be needed. The US cannot afford this alone but neither can Japan or India. As long as China insists on a peaceful rise, targeting China will not be a serious idea.

Japan is the most anxious about China's rise. The fundamental problem is that the balance of power between China and Japan is changing.

The US often holds an ambiguous strategy on China. It seems Washington hasn't made it clear how it should deal with China's rise.

The US is antipathic to China's rise politically, but the US stock market soars when positive economic news comes from China. The interests of the US business community are seemingly integrated with China's.

There have been many dialogue mechanisms in the Asia-Pacific region but participants have received more attention than content of the dialogue.

China is often in a passive position in its backyard and so faces growing worries and pressure. But such tensions will gradually dwindle as the country becomes stronger.

Now, the sensitivity of countries like the US and Japan is rising and they are overly keen on political dialogue. They hope to secure their real interests or gain a more favorable position in the regional political pattern by forming groups through such dialogues.

The US is trying to ensnare China in the Asia-Pacific region. Sometimes China thinks this not worthy of attention, but it must occasionally worry about this net, as its future development is uncertain.

Senior US diplomats guard against China through various multilateral platforms, forcing China into taking measures to deal with these situations. It's hard to say what end such a game will lead to.

Japan is causing problems for China, but it is not the country's foremost worry. China has some hopes of carrying out strategic cooperation with India. If Asia falls into chaos because of how to deal with China, the result will be good for nobody.

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