Indonesia sets up special police team guard US' mining site in Papua

Source:Xinhua Published: 2012-11-7 13:44:41

A senior police officer overseeing Indonesia's Papua province said on Wednesday that they will set up a special police team to safeguard US' Freeport gold and copper mining site in the province due to frequent violence aiming Freeport's workers, local media reported.

Chief of the Papua police, Inspector General Tito Karnavian said there have been cases of mysterious shooting and murder in Freeport operation area, many of them remained unsolved until today.

"The team has to deal with many such cases and probe them thoroughly to the very bottom," Karnavian said in Mimika, Papua as quoted by the Antara news agency.

Hundreds of acts of terror by unknown armed groups left more than 20 people killed including Freeport workers, police officers, company's security officers and local traditional gold prospectors, he added.

He said that security condition around the mining site is under control. Investigations into violence cases occurring in Karnavian 's jurisdiction are underway at the moment with trials against perpetrators are progressing.

Karnavian visited the Freeport workers' compound in Tembagapura, Mimika, last week.

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