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Source:Global Times Published: 2012-11-9 0:25:00

It is not easy for laypeople to fully understand the report to the ongoing 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). However, a sentence in the report delivered by General Secretary of the CPC Hu Jintao, left quite an impression. "Throughout the past 30-plus years of continuous exploration of reform and opening-up, we have held high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and rejected both the old and rigid closed-door policy and any attempt to abandon socialism and take an erroneous path."

The literal meaning of the sentence is very clear, yet it implies deeper connotations. With the progress of social diversity, there is more debate over the development path of our country. This report from the congress is an authoritative answer to these debates. It can be viewed as a declaration by the CPC.

We can always hear that China is at a political crossroads. This argument is quite appealing. However, it does not coincide with China's current reality. As early as the Deng Xiaoping era when China chose to carry out socialism with Chinese characteristics, China passed its "crossroads." Modern China is on its way toward further reform. We need firm belief to keep going on.

If we simply search Weibo, we may get the false impression that China's development path may change. Such opinions seem to be popular, with some requesting that China go back to the time before the reform and opening-up, while others advocate the country adopt Western models. They have spread confusion.

The congress report provides the very direction for China's political path. When the direction is too clear to accommodate any speculation, other distractions will lose their potency and public opinion will be more realistic.

Progressing socialism with Chinese characteristics does not mean halting reforms. Actually, this is the result of keeping reforms in mind and rejecting closed-door policies.

A small number of people would like to see China return to the pre-reform days, and others want to separate reform from the socialist path with Chinese characteristics. They try to put the two ideas in opposition. The "reform" in their message has hidden meaning, including the intention of changing the country's political system.

We have different views, including extreme ones, and all deserve their place in China. But we must have a firm consensus when it comes to the national path. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is not an official slogan. It is a long-term political path Chinese people finally took after they paid a huge price. It has brought us prosperity and hope. We must cherish and protect it.

General Secretary Hu touched on many issues facing the country in yesterday's report, from fighting corruption to social justice, improving public welfare and enhancing the ecological environment. On the corruption issue, he said, "If we fail to handle this issue well, it could prove fatal to the Party, and even cause the collapse of the Party and the fall of the state." Further reform is needed to tackle these problems.

Firmness and conviction are crucial for China's future development. We need timely adjustments based on realistic conditions. This is, however, different from questioning the road itself. China is a super-sized society. We will be bound to meet tough issues and unexpected challenges that test our judgment and faith. The CPC has given the firm answer in the 18th Party Congress report. It will also be an answer all of society must agree upon.

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