Good Samaritan
Global Times | 2012-11-12 23:10:06
By Lu Chen
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A good Samaritan helped catch a shoplifter who slashed two convenience store clerks in Jing'an district Monday after they tried to stop him from running away, police said.

The thief entered the store on Shimen No. 2 Road and tried to steal a bottle of wine, according to a store employee who asked to remain anonymous.

When the two women working at the store tried to stop the thief, he slashed them on their hands with a knife he was carrying, according to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau's official microblog. The two clerks managed to catch the thief with the help of an unidentified man who was nearby.

"The two clerks were sent to the hospital for treatment after the police took away the thief," the employee told the Global Times.

Police said the case remains under investigation.

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