Airshow China 2012 starts Published: 2012-11-13 15:47:00

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  Airshow China starts in Zhuhai

Aircraft orders take off
Airshow China 2012 saw on November 13 new purchase agreements being inked for the country's large passenger aircraft and the first deal made for its advanced trainer jet.

China-made private plane debuts at Airshow 2012
More than a century after aviator Feng Ru from Guangdong Province flew the country's first aircraft in 1909, the province presented its first independently designed aircraft in the lead up to Airshow China 2012, which kicks off in Zhuhai on November 13.

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China forges ahead with airspace opening-up
Pictures: Airshow kicks off in Zhuhai
Stealth fighter, attack helicopters to be featured at Airshow China 2012
COMAC to secure 50 orders at aviation exhibition


a  Attack helicopters WZ-10 & WZ-19
Two types of China-made attack helicopters that have previously been largely kept from public view.

a  Stealth fighter "J-31"
The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) will officially acknowledge the existence of China's second stealth fighter, dubbed by outsiders as the "J-31," which made its maiden flight on October 31.

a  Business aircraft Primus150
The Primus 150 is the first general aviation development project approved by AVIC after China's State Council and the Central Military Commission opened part of the country's low-altitude airspace to private and state owned enterprises in November 2010.

Maximum speed: 600 kilometers per hour 
Maximum range: 2,500 kilometers
Scheduled maiden flight: 2013
On market: 2015

a  Aircraft C919
China's first home-grown large passenger aircraft.

Maximum number of seats: 168
Maximum range: 5,555 kilometers (3,444 miles)
Schedule maiden flight: 2014
On market: 2016

a  Air defense weapons
Ranging from a radar-controlled, high-speed Gatling gun that can destroy in-coming munitions and missiles, to long-range missiles that are capable of intercepting hostile aircraft from over 100 kilometers away.


s  Changes of international relations  

Currently the only fifth generation fighter available for sale is the F-35 by the US. The 'J-31' will offer an alternative for non-traditional allies of the US.

s  Aviation stocks buoyed 

AVIC Aero-Engine Controls Co. jumped 6.78 percent to close at 9.61 yuan per share. China AVIC Avionics Equipment Co. climbed 4.56 percent to finish at 15.58 yuan.

s  Promotion of aviation industry 

Fifty orders of China's first home-grown large passenger aircraft C919 are expected to be signed at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition.

Related story: The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC) said that the company has secured 13 customers and orders of 330 C919 units, and it expects the numbers to grow during the upcoming Airshow China, scheduled for November 2012.


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 Bai Wei, former deputy chief editor of the Aviation World Monthly
Airshow China has in some ways become a military showcase for Chinese aviation and aerospace companies…one reason is that there is no point for Western weapons manufactures to show up due to the arms embargo, and China is also becoming less dependent on Russian weapons.

  Wu Guanghui, COMAC's chief designer of the C919 project
The future global and domestic markets will have a strong appetite for civil aircrafts, such as the C919.

 Ma Xin, an official with the state air traffic control commission at the 9th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition
We're overhauling a series of regulations on airspace management to simplify the application procedures...As the reforms forge ahead, we believe the general aviation industry will gain momentum and become a new growth point just like the car industry.

           Flight Programs

Highlighted Performing Teams

a China's August 1st Aerobatics Team
a France-based European Breitling Jet Team
a Russian Knights Aerobatic Team


 Performance schedule of the three teams above:
     Nov.13  Nov.14   Nov.15   Nov.16   Nov.17   Nov.18
August 1st Aerobatics Team  







Breitling Jet Team













Knights AerobaticTeam













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